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The inspiring story of Custom Vinyl (& our obsession with tacos)

The team at Custom Vinyl came together because we all shared a singular passion. A passion for tacos. We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a dollar doesn’t buy as many tacos as it used to (even on Taco Tuesday). So we asked ourselves, “How can we fund our taco addiction, without resorting to anything illegal or unethical…or too hard?”.

The obvious answer was to leave the house, get jobs and earn our taco money like so many other taco crazed citizens. We quickly dismissed that as conformist nonsense. And that’s when we came up with the idea for Custom Vinyl. It ticked all the boxes – helping people express themselves creatively, doing something good for the environment, enabling us to buy more tacos – all without leaving the house and copping a 9 to 5.

We think it’s a pretty cool idea. And we’re sure that our iron-on vinyl designs will be to your gear what guacamole is to our tacos – that little bit of something extra that makes something you really love even more awesome!

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