Care & Instructions


In addition to following the manufacturer instruction to the letter and following our tips above, taking proper care of your garments decorated with the HTV can help extend their lifespan. Some additional tips below:

  • Because high temperatures tend to weaken the heat transfers, we advised against using hot water to wash your garments; use warm or cold water instead.
  • Wash your fabric with mild detergents only; avoid using anything like whiteners, softeners, bleach, and any other aggressive cleaning solution.
  • The best way to dry such clothes is to hang them to dry. This greatly minimizes wrinkles and chances of damages.
  • If your vinyl doesn’t seem to be sticking on, increase the heat slightly and apply more pressure when applying. DO NOT crank up the iron setting to max as this would melt the plastic backing and may damage the vinyl.
  • If after a wash the vinyl starts to peel, you may reapply with iron again. Remember to always use a baking paper while applying.

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